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The sommelier's choice

Lovely white summer wines of Rolle (Vermentino) from Provence and from Italy !

Chardonnay, Sauvignon and Riesling are white, well-known grape varieties used for the production of white wines. But what of the white Rolle grape ...?

Winery of the month

Visit to Château Thuerry in Provence

We visit Château Thuerry, a fabulous winery proposing delicious red-, white- and rosé wines from Provence!



Our Favorite recipes

Buddha Bowl saumon - quel vin pour l'accompagner ?

Buddha bowl is a trend that emerged in cookbooks and fast food restaurants a couple of years ago ... Here is an example of a salmon-made variant ! Healthy and delicious, especially paired with a suitable glass of wine !

From the blog

Chablis - a great Burgundy with its own style

A glass of Chablis is a delicious treat, as an aperitif or to pair with seafood. Fresh fruit, crispy acidity with mineral hints is the usual description, but not always. So what is Chablis wines and what's the difference between the different variants? Come along on a taste and explanation trip to Chablis in northern part of Burgundy!

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