Domaine Louis Brochet Demi sec 1er Cru

"Demi Sec 1er Cru" is assembled in the same manner as the usual "brut 1er Cru" variety. The technical difference between the two wines is that a higher dose of sugar is added to the "Demi Sec"version at the end of the fermentation process when replacing the remaining yeast at the top of the bottle with new wine . The wine then requires several months of rest, so that the added sugar mixture can create a harmonious and well-balanced wine.

Price (24,17 € Bottle)

145,00 €

Wine description

  • Country : France
  • Region : Champagne
  • Grape variety : 78% Pinot Noir, 15% Chardonnay, 7% Pinot Meunier
  • Classification : AOP Champagne
  • Color : White
  • Alcohol degree : 12%
  • Storage potential : 3-5 år
  • Volume : 75 cl

Presentation of the vineyard

Maison Louis Brochet is located in Ecueil, south of Reims, but the vineyard also includes areas of Montagne de Reims which is classified as Champagne " Premier cru " . To avoid any misunderstanding, it should be mentioned that Maison Louis Brochet recently renamed from earlier Champagne Brochet - Hervieux . Only the name has changed , the winery is still a self- standing family-owned winery which is situated on some of the most qualitative Champagne areas. It was in 1944 that Hervé Brochet and Yvonne Hervieux formally created the vineyard , but today it's the grandson Louis who is in charge of the vineyard's 17 hectares of land together with his sister Hélène. The Champagne production is done completely independently, solely with grapes from the vineyard and the wine is made according to the family tradition by the family's two own oenologists . Chardonnay grapes are blended with Pinot Noir in its own way, creating great wines with a lot of personality . A vineyard to explore for the discerning and interested champagne enthusiast!

Sommelier's advice

A pale golden yellow color, extremely small and beautiful bubbles that create an elegant and creamy string in the glass. Generous aromas of white fruits (apple and pear) and vanilla with hints of bakery. The palate is round and soft, but well balanced with a healthy and fresh finale. Excellent to drink with meals like a warm goat cheese sandwich with honey or also to all kinds of desserts. Ideal as a drink to fruit cakes of various kinds.

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