Foss Marai Prosecco Strada di Guia 109 - Extra Dry

Strada di Guia, 109 or translated "the Guia street 109" Extra Dry is made from 100% Glera grapes and produced according to methods which enhance the prosecco grapes' fresh character with aromas of green apples. The bottle is very elegant with personal style. Strada di Guia is classified as a DOCG Prosecco di Cognegliano Valdobbiadene, also called Prosecco Superiore.

Price (12,50 € Bottle)

75,00 €

Wine description

  • Country : Italy
  • Region : Veneto
  • Grape variety : Glera
  • Classification : DOCG Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore
  • Color : Sparkling wine
  • Alcohol degree : 11%
  • Storage potential : 1-2 years
  • Volume : 75 cl

Presentation of the vineyard

Foss Marai was created with its current name in 1986 from an existing wine production in Valdobbiadene , dating from the 1800s. The name comes from " Fossi " which is the word of the ravines around the hills surounding the vineyard and " Marai " is the name of the deepest gorge. The owners of Foss Marai is the family Biasiotto who has become a reference in Italy when talking sparkling wine" or spumante " . " Leniter in Itinere " or " a long and steady road " in English, is Biasiottis credo for its wine production . What they mean is that by preserving tradition and craftsmanship but also striving to improve and innovate , you can year after year ensure a continuous improvement of the final product and an excellent quality compared to other sparkling wines . Foss Marai is located in the village of Guia in the winedistrict of Cogliene - Valdobbianene. The winedistrict represent 15 wine-producing villages in the region of Veneto located in the northeastern Italy. Here they produce the familiar " Prosecco Superiore " which is reputed to be among the best bubble wines in Italy.

Sommelier's advice

Straw yellow color with greenish yellow tints. Small elegant bubbles. A fresh scent of fruit dominated by green apples. A well-balanced, harmonious taste, dry yet fruity and round. An excellent sparkling wine to suit all occasions. The dry, yet fruity taste makes it excellent for both aperitif or to accompany an entire meal based on fish or chicken.

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