Forchir - Sauvignon "Soresere" 2017 - white

The Sauvignon wine of Forchir is called "Soresere" which in the local Friulian dialect means "at nightfall" and refers to the vines exposed to the west, which are the winery's Sauvignon grapes. Soresere is a crisp white wine made from 100% Sauvignon grapes and belongs to the appelation Friuli Grave DOC Sauvignon. The grapes grow in Camino al Tagliamento southwest of the city of Udine on vines that are 8 years old.

Price (10,25 € Bottle)

61,50 €

Wine description

  • Country : Italy
  • Region : Friuli
  • Grape variety : Sauvignon
  • Classification : DOC Sauvignon Friuli Grave
  • Awards : Annuario dei migliori vini italiani
  • Color : White
  • Vintage : 2017
  • Alcohol degree : 12%
  • Storage potential : 2-3 years
  • Volume : 75 cl

Presentation of the vineyard

Forchir is a winery located in the northeast of Italy, more precisely in the "Friuli" region which is the last outpost of Italy before the border with Slovenia. The winery dates back more than 100 years, but the current owners Gianfranco Bianchini and Enzo Deana took over the operations in 1984. However, without changing the winery's historic name which has been given from the Forchir family. This is part of the winery philosophy and it also applies to the wine making - things are not changed for the sake of changing. The idea is to let the natural grapes together with the soil, "terroir" and the specific climate, create wines with no major external influences. The goal is to produce wines with personality, with a typical local and regional character.

Sommelier's advice

Bright and crystal clear, straw yellow color with silvery hues. Crisp and fresh fragrance with delicate, fruity hints of gooseberry, exotic fruits and melon. An aromatic flavor with good texture and nice crispy length. To drink as an aperitif, to Italian antipasti, assorted fish or chicken dishes.

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