A perfect lukewarm starter for this early summer season with its glass of white wine

  de cette entré c'est le vin ! Normal sur le blog d'un caviste mais ici, vous éveillerez les pailles de vos convives avec ce 100% grenache blanc de Mas de Tannes dont les arômes sont la fleur blanches, la mangue et le fruit confit. Il est sec et
The main thing in this starter dish is the wine! Probably rather normal on the blog of a wineshop. However, here you can delight your guests with this 100% white Grenache white wine from  Mas de Tannes with its nose of white flowers and palate of mango and candied fruit. A dry but as well very aromatic white wine. Pairs perfectly well together with this chicken breast, quail eggs and fig vinaigrette on a bed of sallad ! Just wonderful !

08/06/2016 written by Hélène Tauson 0 comment(s)

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