Suprême de volaille aux girolles

Fry your chicken fillets in a hot pan to obtain a nice golden fried color (about 5-10 minutes). Then deglaze with white wine and half a beef stock cube. Let cook and evaporate a while and then add a rich tablespoon of crème fraîche or liquid cream. In the same time, fry the previously washed and cut mushrooms with some butter (or oil) in another pan. Add some salt.

Serve the chicken fillets cut into slices. Top with the hot sauce. Decorate with some pieces of mushrooms and serve with pasta.

This dish matches perfectly well with an stored Bordeaux wine, in our case a Saint Emilion 2001. The aromas of truffle, plum and licorice pair very well with the creamy sauce and put the mushrooms in value. This fruity and very generous wine has kept its beautiful acidity through the years !

Now ladies and gentlemen, your turn !!!

08/10/2015 written by Hélène Tauson 0 comment(s)

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