Wines for the mushroom season

Autumn is on its way and the mushroom season has already started for some of us. The mushroom is actually a pretty grateful product to wine since both red, white and rosé suit all very well. The most important thing when choosing wine for dishes with mushroom is rather not chose a too strong wine which will dominate the delicate mushroom flavor. In the mushroom package, that is currently up to date, we have picked out six wines that have a common denominator, except from that they all are Italian, they work well for just a chanterelle sandwich. Other good wines to mushroom dishes among the French is the red "Les Cimels" from Chateau d'or & de gueule or Essentielle from Domaine des Masques. Both are fruity and medium-bodied and simultaneously light and fresh. A red Sancerre from Jérôme Godon is also an option with its fine fruit and typical but elegant pinot noir acidity. Good luck to you all in the mushroom forest!

Wines to drink with mushrooms

21/08/2014 written by Christophe Moreau 0 comment(s)

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